ponds — the extended version


Pond’s cold cream is a facial cleanser and moisturizer known for it’s ability to remove even the toughest and most stubborn makeup. the problem? _____________.

how can we _______ to help pond’s _______? we need to find an audience that this _____ will resonate with.


glam is out. natural is in. the ‘natural look’ dominates our culture and it’s turned makeup into a sign of insecurity and inauthenticity.


natural may be trending, but there’s a sizable community of people who wear bold makeup as a form of self-expression.


for bold beauties, wearing makeup isn’t a sign of insecurity… it’s a sign they feel most confident when they stand out, not when they blend in.


ponds — skincare that celebrates who you become each day.

situation —————

glam is out. natural is in.

The natural look look dominates our culture, and as a result, loud and bold makeup has been demonized because it is seen as a sign of insecurity and inauthenticity.



insecurity isn’t the only reason people wear makeup.

but not everyone wears heavy makeup because they’re insecure.



makeup is used as a form of expression.

a way to let your inside out.