01 — the quick pitch


Shipping and logistics has become an increasingly parity and commoditized category… and UPS blends right in.


Develop a B2B campaign that gives customers a compelling reason to choose UPS over competitors who have similar capabilities.


Show customers that UPS values ‘thinking small’ in a category that’s only talking about big and powerful capabilities.


**This work was selected as the winning pitch by a panel of judges from mcgarrybowen.


02 — the brief


The majority of UPS’ business comes from two groups of people: small business owners and mid-size businesses owners in health + industrial manufacturing.

Both of these groups place a lot of attention on the small details. Why? Because they know it can be the difference between achieving their larger goals and failing to meet them.


While details are important, business owners are finding themselves with less time to focus on them. Why? Because both groups are also trying to grow their companies… so big-picture thinking has started to demand more of their time.


Luckily, what makes UPS different from its competitors is their ruthless attention to detail. UPS heavily invests in developing superior systems and software that are customized to each industry they work with… saving customers both time and money by ensuring every little detail is done well and done right.

  • Small Businesses: Quantam View Manage® + UPS Ready® Program

  • Health: UPS Temperature True® Cryo + UPS Proactive Response®

  • Industrial Manufacturing: Worldship® + UPS Import Control®

  • UPS (Internal): ORION Driver System + Brown Bootcamp


Show the value of ‘thinking small’ in a category that’s only talking about big and powerful capabilities. UPS has every reason to own big, but they know that’s not what it’s about.


UPS — where thinking small helps you make it big.


Thinking small, delivering big.


03 — the creative


For our print campaign we wanted to feature our customers working hard on every little detail and reassure them that when it comes to shipping, UPS has their back.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 1.23.29 AM.png



*open on two engineers working*

VO: Big goals are important to have, but they aren’t always easy to reach.

*cut to different shot of engineers collaborating*

VO: And when you decide to expand your business to other countries, double checking every detail becomes more difficult. UPS was built on details. On checking and re-checking them.

*final shot of engineers smiling*

VO: As an international company, we can help you reach your worldwide goals while never forgetting the little things.

*logo appears, then tagline appears*

VO: UPS. Thinking small, delivering big.



pandora radio

*light, bouncy music begins*

VO: You probably didn’t start a business because you love dealing with the details of logistics.

Luckily, we did.

Let us take care of the small things so you can focus on your big goals.

UPS. Thinking small, delivering big.



UPS x TED "small talks"

UPS will expand upon its existing partnership with TED Talks by hosting several UPS ‘small talks’ that provide inspiration and advice on how to reach big goals with small actions.




While the small things matter in shipping and logistics, they also matter at other points in life. UPS will get #smalltalk trending on various social platforms by prompting people to share the smaller milestones they’ve accomplished in the pursuit of a larger goal.


04 — the final thoughts


  • Research: Survey / Interviews / Competitive Audit / Cultural Analysis

  • Other: Deck Narrative / Video


  • Just because your strategy is proofed out and logical, doesn’t mean it’s a great strategy.

  • It’s okay to scrap everything and start over… even if it is a week before the pitch.

  • If you have a chance to incorporate a Bop-It into your presentation, do it.


  • Madeline Stefan (AE)

  • Chandler Saunders (AE)

  • Justin Rydzewski (AE)

  • Margaret Dick (ST)

  • Kate Fitzgerald (AD)

  • Nelle Thomas (CW)